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Automate your eBay Feedback


Posting feedback for your transactions on eBay is very important, but it can be extremely tedious and time consuming. InstantFeedback makes it easy by running in the background and automatically posting as soon as positive feedback is left for you.

Here are a few of InstantFeedback's many features:

  • By default the software automatically posts only when a seller leaves postitive feedback for you first. It can be customized to post immediately after a sale, or to check if the item has been marked as paid.

  • Set it so it doesn't automatically post feedback on items you've purchased, so you can ensure the item arrives as promised before posting, even if the seller posted immediately.
  • Enter your own comments or use the included ones, specify by region so your comments can be in the language of the customer's area.
  • If you should get negative or neutral feedback, you will immediately be notified so you can rectify the situation quickly. It can even send you a warning email.
  • You can optionally mass-post feedback for everyone who has left feedback or select them from a list, whether they've left it for you or not.
  • Send emails thanking your customers for their business, or request feedback from people who haven't posted for you yet. Email addresses are saved in a database so they are still available beyond the normal 2 week window on eBay.

  • Post the auction titles as feedback replies to make it easier for people to browse your feedback and see what item the comment is related to without clicking on each auction, even long after eBay has removed the item.

  • Keep a list of problem users to ensure it won't post for customers you are having problems with, even if they post positive feedback.

  • Unobtrusive Desktop Alerts fade in and out to show when new feedback is be posted without interrupting your work.

  • Works with multiple eBay accounts, checking all your feedback from a single application

  • Unlimited free technical support via email.

  • No monthly fees, this is a one-time purchase.




Below you can see the main InstantFeedback window. A simple, color-coded log lets you quickly see everything the software has done, and spot problems at a glance.

In addition to the automatic feedback posting capabilities of InstantFeedback, you can also bring up the window below with a list of the auctions you've sold that the customer hasn't posted for or that you've purchased and you haven't left the seller feedback yet. You can post comments directly from this window or send an email requesting feedback.

Use the built-in comments or add your own. Organize them by seller or buyer and by location for multi-language comments.


System Requirements

  • Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
  • Active Internet connection

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