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Merlin Software has developed powerful software packages for use with eBay.  They can save time and money with bidding tools and search tools designed to find under priced auctions.  You'll never have to leave feedback by hand again.  You can even spruce up your desktop with your favorite comic strips.  We do custom projects as well, specializing in software that interfaces with eBay.

TitleCheck 1.2.10

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Updates for TitleCheck are free for life. Some users have asked about donating to help support the software through eBay's constant changes over the years. For those who wish to, you can do so easily below:


1.2.10 October 7, 2017

This update fixes and issue caused with searches not working with recent eBay changes.

1.2.9 October 12, 2016

This update removes the workaround introduced last Thursday after the eBay changes and includes an modified version of the orignal login method used in previous versions. It should be compatible with Windows XP as well.

1.2.8 October 10, 2016

eBay has made a major change to how sign in works and at the moment there doesn't appear to a good way to get around this. I've doing a quick and dirty fix and only tested the most basic functionality. This version is very experminatal and some features may not work, but as the vast major of other sniping tools (using my previous method to log in) will also be down I wanted to get something out. Any feedback is appreciated.

1.2.5 October 11, 2015

The update features updated sign-in handling and minor bug fixes, as well as:

  • Administrative rights are no longer required to start the program. You only need to start the program as an administrator when changing the option to have the program start automatically at boot

1.2.4 September 6, 2015

This update counters an error message when signing into eBay when a security question update is prompted, which is offered occasionally.

 August 24, 2015

This update fixes an issue with eBay sign-ins returning errors. It appears this may be a temporary issue on eBay's end, sign-ins within the browser are also returning an "exceeded requests" error message after a login, but the account is still logged in. This update will accept that message as a valid login.

 March 31, 2015

This version reduces CPU usage while the software is accessing the internet.

1.2.1  August 29, 2014

This version fixes an issue caused by recent eBay changes that would result in an out of memory error and limit number of results.

1.1.0  October 30, 2013

This update contains the following changes:

* Increased search speed with more items per page, now 1/4 of previous version

* Automated searches in the background at the interval you specify

* During automated searches it can contact you via email or text if duplicates are found

* Will retry a page up to 3 times if eBay returns an error

1.0.1  October 21, 2013

This update contains the following changes:

* Includes both items in the main log, displays seperation in the list

* Fixes and issue with large databases reporting a duplicate due to items relisting while searching


1.0.0  July 31, 2013

This is the first public release.

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